Re: Real Computer Program to Use with Navionics


I hope we can meet up for the workshop before long, at least before the Salish 100. The end of May reschedule is looking less and less likely every day. <sigh> Bit as events get cancelled and rescheduled the calendar opens up! ;o) I don't think there will be a Fern Ridge boat show this year, so that opens up a date in June...

I'll start some little tutorials on OpenCPN like I've been doing with Navionics. They're no substitute for in person discussion, but if we give attendees a head start with the basics, we can discuss more advance topics at the Workshop.

On 3/27/2020 1:18 PM, Mark N wrote:
I'm learning to like the OpenCPN program, so will start to play with that more. I look forward to John's presentation on it when we finally meet up for the class.
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