Re: Real Computer Program to Use with Navionics

Mark Neuhaus

Hi George,

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 10:41 AM George C via Groups.Io <> wrote:
 When I did the free trial 2 years ago I got a 14 days (I believe).

I thought it was for longer, also, so was surprised to see the notice of 5 days.  That's okay, as what else am I gonna do these days?  :-)
Also, I was able to set the base default to nautical charts. It almost sounds like ExpectGPS reduced the capaciblities of the trail version. 

It shows a bullet for nautical charts, indicating that would be the default.  But since I hadn't realized I had to go online to get the tiled maps, and assumed I could point to my BSB_root folder for it to use, no nautical map showed up. That's when I tried to use their help feature and had to go online and then found out the need to download tiles through their server..

So I believe you are right. You need internet access to first download the areas of interest. According to ExpertGPS' website,  once the map/chart area is download to your computer you can continue to use it in the field.

Yep, that is what I finally figured out.  So as long as you get the tiles ahead of time for the areas you plan to go to, you should be okay. 

On my android tablets and phones, I use an app called Backcountry Navigator that does the same tile download process for all the different maps they offer, including NOAA charts.  That's okay as long as you know where you are going on this trip and at what scale you need the maps.

I use Garmin's MapSource on my old winXP machine for planning routes and viewing my tracks. It came with my garmin gpsmap76cx receiver years ago, and I bought the BlueChart nautical charts at that time. Their newer program is called Homeport, and I finally decided to play with that a bit. Neither one allows importing NOAA charts, although I am exploring ways to convert the KAP files to a format that garmin can use.

And neither one of those allow active tracking with a GPS hooked up to the computer.  Which, for me, isn't the end of the world, as I have the maps and routes in my GPS receiver and can see my track on the nautical chart as I travel.  Easy to transfer the tracks back to the computer for storage later.

I'm learning to like the OpenCPN program, so will start to play with that more. I look forward to John's presentation on it when we finally meet up for the class.

 Thanks again,

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