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You may think you're joking about depleted uranium from Hanford, Gerard, but it might not be any harder to buy than lead, the way our local scrapyards are handling lead. <g>

One of the local low-rent yacht club members needed a couple hundred pounds of lead for a racing boat he was building, so he ordered it from Amazon! Delivered to his door in USPS flat-rate cartons. Boy was his mailman surprised! <g> Kinda expensive, though...

Charley says he can get around the local scrapyard's restriction on selling lead only to licensed businesses. The other local scrapyard doesn't handle lead at all. (I didn't ask them about depleted uranium)

On 3/24/2020 12:08 PM, Gerard M wrote:
Steel is heavy - but use enough of it and you may have to
deal with magnetic compass deviation.
Deviation tables anyone ?
Then perhaps you out west could get the Hanford site to
give you some depleted uranium - that stuff is really heavy.  (joke)
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