I GOTTA Get Rid of this Trailer


I've been meaning to work harder to get rid of the old Shoreland'r boat trailer in my front yard. I waited too long. <sigh> Apparently some roving, off-the-leash, trailer at large seduced my poor little Shoreland'r, and as a result I came home yesterday to find she'd had a couple of offspring. One day these little tikes will grow up to be boat trailers themselves -- unless the father was a utility or travel trailer, then who knows what kind of mutts they'll turn out to be. <g>

Anyway. I've gotta get rid of the trailer before something like this happens again. The trailer is free, please come and get it. But I'd appreciate it if you gave me a little something for the slightly used tires.

The tongue is rotted out, but I think the rest of the trailer is alright. I used to rinse it by dunking it in the lake, but the end of the tongue wouldn't get dunked. <sigh> A Harbor Freight tongue is spliced in now to make the trailer safe enough to move. The LED lights worked last time I used the thing. Good fenders. I think I've got a winch that I'll throw in that only needs a pawl spring. You gotta take the babies too. <g>

Come get it in Eugene. If it isn't gone soon it's going to the scrapyard.

John <@Jkohnen>
A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule. (Michael Pollan)

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