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As you zoom in to the chart, as you would when approaching a dangerous area, the red dots in dangerously shoal water become more apparent. See attachment.

I don't see any dangerously shoal depths until you get right up near the entrance to the Boat Haven. <shrug> I don't yet know what those scattered red dots mean, but they aren't a warning...

BTW, why do you not feel comfortable unless you've got 50' of depth? Riptide isn't a frigate, after all. ;o)

On 3/18/2020 7:23 PM, Pete L wrote:
Interestingly, I've made the approach into the Port Townsend Boat Haven many times from the south, and have never run into dangerous depths during the approach as shown on that Navionics example.
On a slightly different topic, the red dots are difficult to see and are not standard charting practice (at least, not the USN standards, anyway). We always lined off danger depths in black pen to show where not to go. It would be helpful to have the dangerous area shaded red, perhaps, or barred red. Just my opinion, though.
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