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Case Turner

I think, unless he got rid of all of it, Andrew Linn had a pile of lead. I know he offered it up a bit ago. Maybe he still has iit.


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´╗┐Wheel weights haven't been made out of lead for years. I got snookered when I was scrounging lead for Lazy Jack's trimming ballast. I bought a bucket of wheel weights, only to discover that at least half of them wouldn't melt in Sparkin' Joe's furnace, even when we got the crucible up to red hot! <sigh>

Earl tried a recycler in Eugene, but they would only sell lead to a licensed business.

On 3/20/2020 8:00 AM, Cal wrote:
Hi, Earl ,,, try calling the several recyclers in the valley as well. Tire stores might also be a source, I would call the offices of I 5 tires, or your local tire store, then might offer to pick up and pay for the lead wheel weights, as a one time need, or ask for their pick up source if they have one.
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