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Hi, Earl ,,,  try calling the several recyclers in the valley as well.  Tire stores might also be a source, I would call the offices of I 5 tires, or your local tire store, then might offer to pick up and pay for the lead wheel weights, as a one time need, or ask for their pick up source if they have one.

Good luck, Earl. ,,,  Cal

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From: cherrill boissonou <cboissonou@...>
Date: 3/19/20 2:03 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [oregoncoots] Lead

To all Coots between and including Portland and Eugene
       I need 200#s of proper lead to make interior ballast for Dr. Petra, my Bo Jest.
       If enough of you had a few pounds here and there, I would be willing to make a one day circumnavigation of the valley to pick and pay for it. To avoid contact, I could leave a check at an agreed-upon drop off point in exchange for the lead. Or if you know someone or a place that has some, that would be great too. Hope this works.
Earl Boissonou

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