Re: Thursday lunch


Sounds like you guys were doing it right, especially if you had the garage doors open, which you'd want to do anyway on a day like today. We need to be careful, but careful social interaction is good for the soul. I hope everybody washed their hands! <g>

I skipped lunch because I've got a cold and I don't want to risk giving it, or whatever it might be, to anyone else. I've been staying close to home and puttering around on the boats...

On 3/19/2020 11:11 AM, Jim C wrote:
Please try to not worry about us. There are only 3 or 4 going to be here. We have set the ground rules; 6' apart no sitting on each others lap & no French kissing. If we adhere to those rules do you think we are safe enough to talk about my boat?
John <@Jkohnen>
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