Rope Sailors dean (whisk)

Case Turner

Lots of good tutorials online for tying rope sailors swabs, a.k.a. Whisks. So while self quarantined go grab a hunk of rope google sailors swab and get to tying. 


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Just a note, for when the paper tissues run low.  We did not always have paper for every need, and wast most of what we use anyhow.  Historically sailors use an unlaid ropes end to wipe things clean.  Decks, pots, and themselves after a trip to the head, then a rinse for the next user of the "fag end" , that would work today too.  Paper towels are a convenience, not  a necessity, neither is toilet paper if we look back enough. 

My dad came from Kansas, where during some seasons, corn cobs were a necessity, in bathrooms or outhouses, as kitchen scrubbers, and basic cleaners when dry, brushes cost money and the recession did not help that time either. Suffice it to say that there are alternatives to many things if we just look around, or research the usual products of earlier times.  Looks like that many "necessities" were just not invented yet, and maybe we do not need some articles of civilization, just get back to the basics of soap, water, and cloth products.

Boat stuff, and bike gear now includes a thermos, or room temp tea drinks, small snacks and sanitizer of course.  No more meals and $$ out, or public exposure except for gas, unless needed.  Oh just a thought, then time for a scooter or bike ride agaiin.  The extra non public time got my electric bicycle recleaned to use, and added a frame "touring bag" -- which fills the frame open area to carry the jacket for a senior lunch.  That's an idea to save a few bucks too.  Rather than a car, the e-bike has good $$ saving features.  Mine has a 48 volt battery, does around 20 mph, will do over 10 miles easy, you do some pedaling, use the motor for help on hills, rechargeer is in the bag, or for return.  Makes me wish my ol' butt was up to an Albany lunch trip, for a full day ride on old 99N, could be fun.  Yep, it FEELS heavy at first -- but rides very well, even with noEV assist.  YES, I was surprised, and there are newer systems that are lighter, mine is a regen, high power rig that is almost an EV scooter without plates !!  PS, -- you could have a 3 wheeler, but not as portable for trips, but I fixed that too.

On that subject, check out the newer electric bikes again, if you need to save gas bucks for a longer time, even Walmart has some now, and make riding fun for the advanced year coots again.  Helmet, gloves, and a light weight motorcycle "hoodie" with armored shoulders, arms is good, or I use a light extra armored real (Cycle Gear Store) motorcycle jacket, just in case.  Good for balance, exercise, and a bit  clean air without close human contact, low $$ cruises after entry cost  is a no brainer for me.

Comments welcome, I willingly share gear info. on my setup ----   Cal 


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