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Pete Leenhouts

John, yes, that is very clear and easy to follow. Thank you! 

Interestingly, I've made the approach into the Port Townsend Boat Haven many times from the south, and have never run into dangerous depths during the approach as shown on that Navionics example.  

On a slightly different topic, the red dots are difficult to see and are not standard charting practice (at least, not the USN standards, anyway). We always lined off danger depths in black pen to show where not to go. It would be helpful to have the dangerous area shaded red, perhaps, or barred red. Just my opinion, though. 

Thanks again - look forward to the Navionics and Open CPN demonstrations/tutorials. 


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I think I've figured out how to show some Navionics tips over the
Interweb without human interaction. It's easy to tell Navionics to show
dangerous depths, and the depth you feel comfortable in. Here's my first
stab at a tutorialette (Android version):

Is that any help?

I like the flexibility of using nav programs on a tablet. Especially the
nav programs that handle raster charts and maps. I use OziExplorer,
because it's a good program and I've used it for years, so I'm
comfortable with it. I can use NOAA charts, topo maps (for the areas the
charts don't cover), historic charts and maps (for fun, to see what
things used to be like), and even aerial photos. OpenCPN can handle all
those too, plus vector charts (like Navionics), and it's free(ish). I
don't think I'd be happy with a proprietary nav system. But that's me...

We'll discuss OpenCPN in the Workshop, as well as Navionics.

On 3/15/2020 5:46 PM, Pete L wrote:
> ...
> I would like to figure out how to develop a circular or perhaps a
> rectangular operating area, so that I can wander around in that area
> knowing I am always in safe water. I would also like to figure out how
> to develop the ability for the program to show my "keep out" areas (such
> as those areas less than 50 feet in depth).
> I am moving to a Garmin Nav system this spring, but will continue to use
> Navionics as a backup.

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