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John, I run Navionics on an older IPAD. I've used it since 2014. Its easy to update and easy to use. No manual, though, its all online, so I am sure I have not managed to find all of the interesting wrinkles. 

I developed a set of "standard tracks" based on RIPTIDE's draft and transit speed (5 foot actual draft, ten foot "danger" draft, 8 knot transit speed) and checked them very carefully point to point to ensure I am always in at least 50 feet of water. I include the track names in my navigation plan and double check them the night before a transit. Of course, depending on circumstances, I may depart from a planned track (usually to avoid shipping), but not very often. If I do need to change plans on the fly, I find a safe area to  lay to while developing a new track and double checking it end to end.    

I would like to figure out how to develop a circular or perhaps a rectangular operating area, so that I can wander around in that area knowing I am always in safe water. I would also like to figure out how to develop the ability for the program to show my "keep out" areas (such as those areas less than 50 feet in depth). 

I am moving to a Garmin Nav system this spring, but will continue to use Navionics as a backup. 

Interestingly, I have been trying to find a hand-held magnetic compass, but have been unsuccessful in finding one. The one I did manage to find, made of plastic, arrived broken and unrepairable, and that company is no longer in business. I would like to have the ability to navigate via charts and magnetic compass (I do have a centerline magnetic compass, but it does not have a bearing ring).  


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What platform are you running Navionics on. Pete? Do you use a nav
program on a Real computer to set waypoints, lay out routes, and
otherwise plan your trips? Which program?

Navionics is one of the cheap nav programs we're gonna cover in the
Workshop in Toledo. It runs on Android and Apple devices. If you want to
get a head start, download it for Android here (or go to the Google Play
store on your device):

For Apple:

On 3/15/2020 5:01 AM, Pete L wrote:
> ...

I use Navionics
> aboard RIPTIDE, and have found it to be excellent for my uses. I'm
> caught between wishing I had an instruction book and/or just fooling
> around with it to figure out some of the more interesting and unusual
> capabilities, though.

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