Re: Electronics and Navigation Workshop - online?


We'll try real hard to have the Workshop in Toledo on May 30th, or at least before the Salish 100. There's no good substitute for doing it in in real time and in person.

If the d***ed Virus keeps us cooped up and unable to do the Real Workshop we'll try something different.

On 3/15/2020 9:55 AM, Dan from Almostcanda wrote:
Earl is absuhtootely correct for some of us “discovery learners.”  But, I’m wondering if this could be done with a video format or even the now-antediluvian conference call setup.  My wife talks to the kids with something called facetime.  I sometimes stop and wave.  But, she doesn’t usually let me touch anything, considering what I’ve been doing with those fingers somewhat recently—no not THAT, grease, pox, you-know-what.  Anyhow, could somebody smarter than me (Pete, John?) put something like that together?  From a new foot of snow out the shop wind’er, Dan.
John <@Jkohnen>
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