Re: Electronics and Navigation Workshop - CANCELLED


Trying to discuss anything on multiple groups using CCed messages would be a nightmare. I know some Ol' Coots are so computer semi-literate they don't even know where to find the CC button. ;o) (hint: it's _not_ on the back of your keyboard <g>)

The Coot group is set up as openly as I can make it. Anyone can read the messages on the group Web page and view atachments, though they can't see the file and photo archives (I wish they could), so members of the groups Up North can monitor any discussion here. If they want to participate they're welcome to join this group, a painless process. They'd be welcome here, but could quit if they want to after we're done talking about radio, electronics and navigation.

On 3/14/2020 10:45 AM, Claire wrote:
Would folks with questions be willing to post them on the forum?  I hope the answer is yes, and I hope that all workshop 'traffic' will be cc'ed to the TSCA-Puget forum as well, we all want to learn.
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