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If we can't hold the Workshop May 30th, we can try to pound the information into thick Coot skulls over the Interweb. But the Workshop is supposed to be fun too, and that's a lot harder to do online. I hope that by the end of May we can safely have a fun Coot get-together in Toledo, do some boating, and learn about proper radio usage, coastal navigation in the era of the smart phone, and how to use cheap and free nav programs on mobile devices.

We've already been having some discussion on antennae, and such here. We can warm up for the Workshop by discussing some of the things we'll be covering in the Workshop here too. But it won't be a substitute for the Real Thing. Unless it has to be... <sigh>

BTW, John McC's canoe-building associate at the Grande Ronde res, Brian, is very interested in coming to the Workshop, to learn some things to make the annual tribal canoe journeys, and other canoeing outings, safer. John said Brian wondered if he might be able to tell some stories about his canoe adventures. I'm sure we can fit that in somehow. :o)

Brian is one of the more adventuresome of the canoe people at Grande Ronde, and has been experimenting with using a sail. I've attached a couple of shots of Brian in John's latest design, derived from a sketch made by a White explorer on the bank of the Columbia long, long ago. Isn't it just the purtiest little thing! :o)

Take care of yourselves, and wash your hands.

On 3/14/2020 10:45 AM, Claire wrote:
Hey Coots,
since it looks like staying home is a good way to stay healthy, and since we all have computer access (or we wouldn't be here) what about taking the electronics workshop on-line?  Would the pre-enlisted experts be willing to try it that way?  Would folks with questions be willing to post them on the forum?  I hope the answer is yes, and I hope that all workshop 'traffic' will be cc'ed to the TSCA-Puget forum as well, we all want to learn.
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