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I strongly suspect that the antenna splitter defaults to letting the radio signal through if the power to the splitter is lost. But it does probably have a relay with contacts that could be damaged somehow, or just deteriorate with age. The overcompensation for the loss in the splitter is interesting. Why so much?

I'm rethinking my choice to use a splitter after I took a tape measure to Lazy Jack looking for good locations for a 1/4 wave dipole, and found one. <g>

The other day at Astoria I was talking to Bo and he mentioned having trouble figuring out which channel a call was coming in on when monitoring three channels on his radio. I mentioned that a Salish 100 support boat oughta have two VHF radios, one set to channel 16 and the other to the fleet channel, so you can just reply on the radio the call comes in on
. He said, "I did have two, but then I loaned you one!" Oops. This year I'm taking several VHF radios. <g> The "new" fixed mount radio and two handhelds, so I'll have two radios on all the time, and a backup I can loan to someone else if they have radio trouble, as I did last time.

Here's a list of useful VHF channels for the Salish Sea:

On 3/9/2020 2:01 PM, Bob L wrote:
The splitter is a slight misnomer.  Because of the proximity of AIS and other marine VHF, it needs to also have a relay to disconnect the AIS when the VHF transmitter is on.  This needs circuitry and 12V power. The real issue is that you are putting all that hardware un-reliability into the path of the marine VHF antenna.  That being one of our major safety items.  A less major issue is that the Glomex includes a 15-dB preamp to make up for the splitter loss.   The 15-dB is way too much and will create potential VHF radio overload problems that Icom and Standard worked hard to not have.  A separate antenna dodges both of these issues.
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