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IIRC, my AO27 was about $125 from Amazon several months ago. It looks like buying direct from the maker in the UK is a good way to go.

Sorry, Bob L, after some serious thought, I sent off for a Glomex antenna splitter like Bob M's. It'll make the installation a lot easier, without the need to string wires all over the place.


I'm reminded of the time I bought a new lawnmower instead of fixing the carburettor on my old, beatup one. Charley rebuked me, "you didn't fix the problem, you just threw money at it!" <g> I gave him the bold lawnmower. I don't know if he ever fixed it either. <g> At least the splitter isn't very expensive...

On 3/8/2020 5:35 PM, Bob Miller wrote:
I got the A023 (smaller and simpler) direct from the UK. $84.20  + $13.35 Royal Mail.
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