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That's a darn good price on the splitter, but they're out of stock. :o(


Product info:

Bob Larkin has convinced me that a simple DIY dipole, even installed inside the cabin, will work fine for the AIS, and it's even cheaper than the Glomex splitter. "... the simple dipole for the AIS would probably be fine. The center conductor (about 17-inches) needs to be vertical, but the free braid can be bent if necessary to get enough room. You can add a wire or two to that, as well, but not needed if the whole dipole is vertical. Probably not too critical, even if the braid is sort of horizontal. Try to use 50-Ohm coax, like RG-58/U. TV coax is 75-Ohm and the braid is strange as it uses an aluminum wrapping under the braid."

I don't have room for something like this, but I found this simple DIY AIS antenna in my stash of boatbuilding stuff. (see attachment)

I'm gonna be using a "half wave whip" antenna for the VHF. Bob had something useful to say about that too (he's a fan of that type): "It benefits from, at least, some amount of formal ground plane at the point of the mounting bracket. The simplest is one or two 17-inch wires going down the mast, parallel to the coax. These can be hidden under a piece of wood, along with the coax."

On 3/8/2020 12:44 PM, Bob Miller wrote:
Glomex splitter from Hodges Marine
QK-A023 AIS wifi/USB receiver from Quark-Elec (UK)
If the splitter works okay, it's less gear visible. If not, plan B.
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