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That's a very good price for both.  Can you share with us where you got them?

On the big boat I had AIS that displayed on my PC charting program and found it quite valuable, especially in foggy SF Bay and the California coast.  On the little boat I still use the PC charting and after getting to know this area feel it would be a very good addition.

Just a thought to add:   If you don't mind (and have a place to put it) having an additional antenna, a simple 1/4 wave whip will do fine and avoid the splitter.   It doesn't take much of an antenna for reception of the AIS signal.  I made mine using an SO-239 chassis mount connector as the base with four brass rods attached to make the ground plane pointing downward at a 45 deg angle.  The antenna element was just another piece of brass rod soldered into a PL-239 connector.  Worked just fine!

John A.

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