Re: Good Deal on Light Travel Trailer


I can relate to Mary when it comes to RVing by yourself.  My wife thought it would be good for me to do some RVing in the winter since we did have a trailer and a Thousand Trails membership that had little use.  Being some what forgetful I was not to excited in doing it by myself.  However, my son agreed to deliver the trailer and help set it up at a park or two on the coast.  Greatly lowered my stress level just following him in my vehicle especially knowing if something went wrong he would kow how to get help

I found the members and staff at the parks to be friendly and helpful.  This is my second winter doing this experiment and I am enjoying it while my wife gets to have her needed alone time.  LOL 😂   A basic membership is only about $500 per year and gives you 2 weeks usage then requires going some place else befor returning to a 1000 trails park.  Several folks I know go to a state park for the out week then back to TT for 2 weeks.

This year I am using South Jetty near Florence and Whalers Rest at South Beach near Newport as My membership allows going from park to park.  Thinking of going to Depot Bay Wooden boat show this year.  In the past was able to help build boats with the Toledo group.

I would be glad to share more info on what I have learned about solo RVing from ladies that are doing it as well as my own experience if there is more interest in such an idea.

BTW a Prius would be an excellent car for her to use!!


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