Re: Good Deal on Light Travel Trailer


On 2/20/2020 11:22 AM, I wrote:
Mary's travel trailer experiment didn't work out well. The trailer was wonderful, but gas mileage and lack of confidence that she could use the thing without me killed the experiment. And, she missed owning a Prius. <g>
The trailer is almost brand new, It's supposed to weigh under 2,000 lb. dry, so you don't need a Big two vehicle. It's got full headroom, a spacious bathroom, galley, Big bed, TV, solar panel, etc. It tows like a dream. What really sold us on the Little Guy was that it has big windows that open up all the way, so it almost feels like you're outdoors. :o)
Priced for quick sale...
John <@Jkohnen>
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