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How many boxes of books and magazines are there, Teri? I won't have much room in the Prius with me, Charley and John McC in it, and then I'll have Mary and luggage when we go to Astoria. If there are a lot of books maybe we can share the load among several Coot cars.

I'm glad you're gonna come to the library messabout. Does somebody need to call them to tell them what to deliver to the US Bank room? Do you know who to talk to?

On 2/6/2020 7:51 AM, Teri wrote:
Lon had always wanted his boat books to go to the maritime museum in Astoria. Some of them are out of print. And there's a collection of Wooden Boat magazines. My plan was to pull them all together and see if someone could take them to the Museum. I can't bring them to the Library Messabout as the truck can't be locked. And I will need help moving them.
Is there anyone that is going to the Museum that could swing by and pick them up? Or, maybe come by after the Messabout? I do plan to attend the Library Messabout.
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