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Richard Green

Almost forgot, IIRC there’s a road out of the Rainier area that goes to Vernonia through the hills and dales, you’d have to look it up as I’ve forgotten the details.  From Vernonia you can get to Clatskanie or Birkenfeld to Jewell and 202 past the elk and falls and such through Olney to Astoria.  It’s also a bit of a windy road but recently paved, by the way, and a lovely drive.  On one trip last fall I saw NO elk, but eagles, a bobcat, an owl tented over some prey right in the road…etc.  Or nothing.  All depends.


On Feb 3, 2020, at 11:31 AM, Richard Green <chaos5@...> wrote:

Having lived at one time in Astoria and having made the run on all the known ways……  Hwy 30 is risky business until you get to St Helens at which time traffic slacks off a bit.  But it’s ordinarily not too bad.  If you want you can take I-5 up to Longview and go across the high bridge to Hwy 30, adds some interest, and off to Astoria via Clatskanie.  

OR….you can take hwy 26 to the Manning area, grab the hwy to Vernonia just a couple miles past the Dairy Queen and it’s a windy over the hills road to Clataskanie through Vernonia, turn left to Astoria.  There is also a road out of Vernonia through Birkenfeld which is a ‘high loop’ and there’s another more direct route to the Jewell area

OR… can go on 26 to just past the Elderberry Inn, take a left turn and circle around under the highway to Jewell and go past Jewell and then farther on the Elk Refuge through Olney and into Astoria via the back door.  See mebbe a hundred elk winter feeding…followed a bit further down the road by Lee Park which has a nice waterfall in a short walk.

OR… can go to 101 and through Seaside but it’s more tedious.

Just some thoughts.  


On Feb 3, 2020, at 10:28 AM, Case Turner <casesturner@...> wrote:

Looks like I'll finally be able to make this messabout! 

Annalee and I need to be in PDX Thursday-Sunday for the weekend and I have no plans for Friday. 

Are there any other coots heading that direction from PDX for the day? I may want to tag along, all depends on if another friend wants to go. If he does then we will drive over together. 

To me it looks like HWY 30 would be a nice drive to get there. 

I like back roading and see that Scapoose Vernonia hwy to Nehalem Hwy could be an interesting drive. Any thoughts on this as an option? I know it pops up in my Motorcycle routes as a good ride.

Driving time is not an issue. I know that the worst part will be getting out of downtown PDX Friday morning.



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