Maritime museum messabout

Case Turner

Looks like I'll finally be able to make this messabout!

Annalee and I need to be in PDX Thursday-Sunday for the weekend and I have no plans for Friday.

Are there any other coots heading that direction from PDX for the day? I may want to tag along, all depends on if another friend wants to go. If he does then we will drive over together.

To me it looks like HWY 30 would be a nice drive to get there.

I like back roading and see that Scapoose Vernonia hwy to Nehalem Hwy could be an interesting drive. Any thoughts on this as an option? I know it pops up in my Motorcycle routes as a good ride.

Driving time is not an issue. I know that the worst part will be getting out of downtown PDX Friday morning.



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