Re: boat charter

Randy Torgerson


20 - 25 years ago I used to bare boat charter keel boats a lot; mostly Catalina 270, 28, 320 and 36's in San Diego CA.  I always chartered with a charter company that had their own fleet and I never had a problem.  The charter fee included boat insurance with a deductible.  We also paid the cleaning fee if we were out for more than a day or two, which was reasonable.  One tank of diesel was included so we returned the boat with whatever was left in the tank; once that was fumes.  I felt their cost for provisioning was exorbitant so we always did that ourselves.  I took several ASA (American Sailing Association) classes including  Basic Coastal Cruising and Bareboat Cruising so once I showed the charter company my certificate there was no questions about being competent and no check out sail was necessary.   I did check my with my home owners insurance company that I had liability insurance when I was chartering since I was captain of the boat; I did raise the level of liability insurance just in case.

I never chartered a boat through a charter broker or a private owner as I had heard horrors stories about being nickeled-and-dimed to death when returning the boat.



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