boat charter


Hi All:
I have a Sage 17 I sail (went to the Salish 100 last year) but this summer I am contemplating chartering a bigger boat (34-36 feet) to accomodate more folks for a week or so in desolation sound.  I have never chartered a boat so I am hoping the community can give me some tips on what to watch for and what to expect.  I am particularly interested in the practices around liability, as well as general advice on what to expect in chartering and what to watch out for. For example,  If something breaks how is blame and cost to repair determined?  Also condition of the boat - if I show up and something isn't working that we feel we need how do we sort that out?  And hidden costs - like when you leave an appartment some owners always ding you for the cleaning deposite.  Is there anything analogous on boat charter? 

Hopefully the questions give you a flavor of my ignorance and areas where advice is needed.  Please feel free to provide any ideas that might be relevant. Posting to the group or email to me is fine.


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