Re: Coots Electronics Workshop, March 21st

Richard Green

Is FINALLY figuring out how I might use my remaining handheld GPS to set and retrieve waypoints likely to be covered? Or should I be looking locally for specific help? I mean, I’ve had this unit and one other unit for years and have done speed over ground and location and such but never figured out the waypoints. I confess I’m not good with reading directions, more of a visual learner I guess.

Horribly chagrined,


On Jan 25, 2020, at 2:46 PM, John Kohnen <@Jkohnen> wrote:

We'll better know when the workshop will start after we nail down the curriculum. But it won't be at the crack of dawn. More likely about 10:00.

On 1/24/2020 4:47 PM, Elaine wrote:
Around what time on Saturday?
John <@Jkohnen>
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