I will miss our Friend Lon

Case Turner

Like Andrew I first met Lon at a Summer Solstice messabout. The 2005 messabout. It was memorable in many ways. Cootinering a fix for Greg's stuck center board in his sailboat. Jetman Dan's water jet powered Dont Panick. And the real panid waking up in the middle of the night to water at tents edge and missing boats, paddles, and a knotted up mess of boats after Bonneville let our more water than expected.

I liked Lon's stories and his knowledge of work in the ship yards, I will miss waking up to find a late night Face book post from Lon on some odd engineering work of wonder he found and wanted to share. I will miss working my mind against him playing words with friends.

Fair winds and Smooth Sailing Lon you will be missed.


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