My first meeting with Lon

Andrew Linn

I first met Lon at the Solstice messabout at Quinn's Cove in 2006 (time flies, don't it?)  There was a barge down at the dock where we had food and the Coots sailed, paddled, and rowed over to Caterpillar Island. Myles Tweet let me try out his Sea Bike.

That first encounter is kind of hazy for me, I don't remember much of the details. I do remember Lon being a big man who laughed and told stories.

I'm so happy he met and married Teri. Quinn is a fine young man, and Lon helped and befriended many, many people. Measure success any way you want. Lon did a it well.

I truly wish I hadn't let politics get in the way of our conversations. Reach out. Make contact.

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