Coots Electronics Workshop, March 21st


We're gonna have a workshop/seminar/whatever at the Toledo Boathouse on proper VHF radio usage, "coastal navigation in the age of the cell phone", an overview and comparison of electronics navigation programs. And maybe more.

I think Toledo Joe is gonna do the radio usage part, perhaps with help from Bo Neill, who coordinated the support boats during last year's Salish 100 and has been "volunteered" to do a radio usage presentation before this year's S100. Bo will be there anyway watching Joe and learning how a master does it. <g>

Bob L is gonna do a session on how to properly use electronic navigation aids while still being aware of the real world outside the boat. This will undoubtedly include a bit of paper chart use, or at least service station road maps. <g>

My contribution will be on using electronic navigation programs on tablets and cell phones. It won't be so much me teaching, or preaching, but more me trying to get other attendees to share their experiences, or ask for help using the programs. We'll probably stick to two cheap programs: Navionics and OpenCPN.

Suggestions for other topics are welcomed. If you'd like to do a presentation yourself, that's even more welcome!

But we're only gonna get serious one day, Saturday. Moorage at the transient docks in Toledo is free, but you're encouraged to make a donation to the Boathouses. Vehicle camping is free in the parking lot. Some of us will be arriving in Toledo Friday and making a weekend of it. The tides are favorable for a boat trip upriver for lunch on Sunday.

There's real good pizza across the street. :o)

Should be a fun and educational weekend.

John <@Jkohnen>
The sea washes off all the woes of men. (Joshua Slocum)

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