Re: Beaver Creek Messabout Next Saturday, the 11th


Good for you, John! You are indeed an intrepid voyager. :o) But it WAS NOT the Right place. <g> We start at the launch ramp just off Hwy 101, and have lunch at the new kayak dock upstream -- if we make it that far.

I'm glad the new keel worked so well at keeping the kayak going where you wanted it to go. I'm not sure that thin fins really increase the waterline length as far as wave-making goes, since they don't make much in the way of waves. It'd be interesting to do some experiments. Or somebody could just look it up! ;o) The better directional stability will make the kayak paddle easier, and probably go faster, anyway.

On 1/20/2020 10:32 PM, John P wrote:
I was going to let this slide, but today I got a message on my phone that a new "memory" has been added.  To my surprise it was a movie of pictures I had taken on the Beaver Creek Messabout on Jan 11th.
Was quite impressed by what the phone had done all by itself.  Figured out how to download the movie and made a Youtube video.
For your entertainment, here's a link:
Now here's the commentary . . .
Early in the week my thoughts had turned to wanting to construct keel 2.0 on the white water kayak and try it out on the upcoming Beaver Creek Messabout on Saturday.
Arrived late at the kayak launch parking lot around 11:00 AM, pushoff was scheduled to be at 10.  There were no other cars in the lot so wondered if I was in the right place.
The keel 2.0 worked well, maybe better than to be expected. I felt like
I had training wheels on, the kayak was so well behaved. The keel also
increased the waterline from around 7 feet to just under 10 feet. Not
really sure if it's noticeable but the theoretical hull speed should be
increased from around 3.5 knots to 4.2 knots.
John <@Jkohnen>
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