This almost makes me wish I left Belle Starr in Olympia. Almost...

On Mon, Jan 20, 2020, 3:59 PM John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote:
It was a fun potluck. :o) There was a slideshow running the whole time
showing photos of the boats that are signed up, and there are some
interesting new faces in amongst the familiar ones. 120 boats, not
counting the support boats! There's even an old Bayliner speedboat
signed up! I thought that was a joke, but Marty assured me that the boat
really is signed up. Probably nice people, even though they're "Bayliner
owners". Maybe that's too much of an inside Coot joke; I'll have to tell
the tale of little Jimmy at one of the Salish 100 stops. <g>

As you'd expect, the company at the feed was friendly and entertaining.
The food was Good and there was lots of it. Even Mary had fun:

The absorption by the NWMC should be a Good Thing. The S100 will
probably become more "organized", but, judging by the R2AK and
Seventy48, I don't think they'll spoil the spirit of the S100. Dan Evans
is not only the Race Boss of the Race to Alaska and Seventy48, he's also
familiar to many of us as the Wooden Boat Festival Harbor Master. He'll
be doing the S100 in a 35' New Haven sharpie. Maybe this one (how many
can there be up there? <g>):

Although Marty didn't bring it up during his speechifying, the change to
stopping for the last night at Port Ludlow instead of Mats Mats Bay
sounds like a winner. That'll give us a good place for some last night

It's gonna be a fun cruise! :o)

On 1/19/2020 9:57 AM, Marty wrote:
> EXCITING NEWS FOR THE SALISH 100 - First of all, it was great to see 60
> of this year's Salish 100 skippers and their wives, partners, kids and
> crew members at last night's first-ever Salish 100 potluck...a new
> tradition I'm sure we'll continue into the future.
> But the major news we shared with folks at the potluck is this: As
> organizers of the S-100, we are excited and proud to announce that the
> Salish 100 is joining the Race to Alaska and Seventy48 human-powered
> race under the umbrella of the Northwest Maritime Center in Port
> organization that is thrilled to be associated with our
> small-boat cruise and will do a great job of supporting the Salish 100
> into the future.
 > ...

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