Cleaning up, Not Boat but !!!


I have been asked to "let me know" if I decide to close out a couple collectable firearms, so this I the first photo of my personal favorite, LOW serial number RUGER .45 long Colt, 3 screw and less than #200 serial number.  I had it Pro built in L.A back in the early 70's.  Target accuracy, deer legal and has been in my house unfired for the last 30 years.  Not fired since we moved back, and were here maybe 2 years.  You will never see one lik this rare 3 screw model, and I have a bunch of ammo I throw in for free with  it.  It's twin -- yes I had 2 made, the other was shorter  barreled, this 11 is just flat amazing.  The other .45 long Colt SA went right away, as have some other guns.

I have a .22 scoped Ruger, again not the nylon very ordinary one, but this one is the First Edition, a super fine  Mannlecher stock rotary 22,.  Hasn't been made for decades, also a collectable, used lightly maybe less than 300 rounds, also comes with several boxes of ammo , good scope and carry case.   Again, not ued for the majority of the past 30 years

Black powder .45 cal. Thompson Center "pirate styled" octagon barreled pistol, cap fired not flint !!  ---  MMatching TC 50- cal. octagon barreled Kentucky long rifle, with rare "flip up" target period sights.   All like new, all in great shape, ammo and cases. 

Thanks Coots, let me know if you are interested,  Cal Drake                       details on contacting me are on the Coots membership list !

FULL reloading RCBS bench set up, dies for maybe 10 or so calibers, plus powder, shotgun press loader, pellets, cleaners, bullets, primers  everything needed to reload a lot of stuff, could pare it down, sell the dies seperate, Caps, bullets, powder, could go with it.  Books on the different proceedures also here.   I will look up prices if somebodys interested, or let the web do that for me.  

Several archery set ups, target,  two barebows  (Bear ) and compound (very early Jennings )  some arrows, gear etc.  Most legal for archery season, if you are !!!  I'm a paper puncher, or was back in the day.  

Not doing prices until the items are shown to a buyer are looked over, and not waiting long before I put them on line.  Pretty easy to do that, but I can save around 25% by having a local buyer.  This is a first offer for coots, yeah I can hold whatever you like till wanted, with a deposit.  Comes the spring weather, this will all be gone.  Just thought some might like to do more shooting, without the hassle. 

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