Re: Coot Volcano Alert


Thanks, Chuck! I'm glad Michael's place is outside the danger zone. I hope the Geese (I always think of them as Gooses <g>) and their builders owners, along with the other people evacuated from around lake Ta'al, get through this ordeal alright.

On 1/13/2020 1:07 PM, Chuck the Duck wrote:
I just heard from Michael. He has been in Australia since Christmas.
Here is what he said when I asked if he was in any danger:

We chose a place outside the historic danger and buffer zones.

Even the ash and mud rain is blowing in the opposite direction.

Am a bit worried about 30 geese. The residents down there have all
been evacuated.

The Geese he refers to are the boats that the folks who live around Lake
Taal (the volcano is in the middle of the lake) have been building and
sailing on the lake.
On 1/13/2020 12:37 PM, John Kohnen wrote:
I think Mik Storer lives and has the sailmaking business near Ta'al Lake, where the volcano erupted. He does projects with the Yacht Club there, anyway.
He's probably in no danger, unless he goes sightseeing to the island <g>, but it's still a disaster for those nearby, and could get worse.
John <@Jkohnen>
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