Re: Borden's Glue

Randy Torgerson

Ok, you asked for it. 
I clamp two pieces of wood to the jig; cutting them at the same time reduces errors from slop since I am only using one slot to guide the jig.   When I make the cut I am standing to the left of the work and pushing the jig to the right (very important for a good cut to have consistent pressure).  My left hand is on the knob and the right is holding the jib behind the second clamp.  My hands are never in line with the saw blade.

I marked the danger area to remind me where the saw blade will be.  

A screw on the end of the guide strip stops the jig from going too far.  For long strips I have rollers mounted on saw horses to support the far ends of the strips.  The scarfing jig was originally made for my Delta table saw and I had to modify ti for my new saw.  I have used this jig to make the strips for a birdsmouth mast, the cedar strips and the gunwales on my strip canoe (still in progress after more than ten years and many moves) and a few other minor projects.

For the SOF Katydidn't, I was planning to ask you and Mark N to join me on a jaunt at Toledo to see how well she can carry three coots. ;)


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