Re: Borden's Glue


Can you show us your scarfing jig, Randy? We don't care if it's ugly. <g> The concept is easy to understand, but I'd like to see how you executed it.

I look forward to seeing your SOF Katydidn't, and maybe even giving it a try. Once you get started I'll bet it won't take you long to build it.

On 1/12/2020 9:18 PM, Randy T wrote:
Like John said a SOF Katydidn't doesn't need anything over 8 feet and I have all the wood I will need in my wood shed. ...
As for scarfing, I have a really ugly table saw jig that works wonderfully; if I had known how well it would work, I would have made it look better.
I have mostly convinced myself to do the SOF Kattydidn't once I get the canoe out of the garage.  I won't have the Tolman ready for any of the boat shows but maybe  I will have a SOF pram to show.
John <@Jkohnen>
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