Re: Glue, caulk, Strip Planking on small craft, Some Observations

Randy Torgerson

RiversWest put on the family boat build at the Portland Wooden Boat Festival every year and we have the families use Loctite PL Premium to glue up the boats.  The design is the Salt Bay Skiff. The stuff is easy to work with, will turn your skin black and dries rock hard. I tell the families that I am coaching to use gloves, clean up the excess and don't get the stuff on your clothes as it won't come out. 

I prefer working with epoxy over polyurethane in all its foams.  What I really want is a waterbased epoxy. Most of the paints that I use now, including marine paint, is water based.  I painted my little Chris Craft pram using Brightsides and I hated working with all the solvents. Fish Taco, my Candle Fish 13, was painted with System Three WR LPU, a water based polyurethane catalyzed paint which I found easy to use.


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