Re: Glue, caulk, Strip Planking on small craft, Some Observations


Scraping is the best way to get rid of that nasty polyurthane foam. :ob A good way to handle squeeze-out, drips and sags of any goo. Add heat when scraping epoxy.

Even though Katydidn't is short and fat, the pram bow should make the planks go on easily. No twist to meet a pointy bow. Lofting a boat before making the molds ensures that the planks/strips will lie smoothly with no unexpected sharp bends.

Paul Gartside recommends putting on the first strip so it lies fair, with no edge set. Then working up and down from that, and not being concerned if the strips run out at the sheer, or run into each other at the keel. Of course he likes paint too. <g>

But you're absolutely right that going with cheap materials often leads to more work. Katydidn't is so small that even using the best stuff won't cost too many arms and legs. But cutting strips is awfully wasteful! Every 1/4" strip uses up 3/8" of wood, with a typical tablesaw blade.

PL Premium is like Gorilla Glue with cheap fillers added. It sure works better than the unthickened stuff! And sure is cheaper. But for strip planking I think it's too thick. Something like Titebond II or III is easy to apply and will squeeze out of the joint between strips without heavy clamping. You can wipe of squeezeout with a damp cloth.

On 1/10/2020 5:57 PM, Electri-Cal wrote:
I have had the "black hand of a Gorilla " too often, gloves or not it's no fun.  The foaming sucks to sand off, mask required !!! ...
Needs those smooth curves with less lofting effort. Knots and flaws in grain make smooth curves more difficult, and / or break at the chine, or bow rise when bending.   Non perfect grain is way less strength as hard spots, that can pop free when forcing the curves.  I learned that some $$ wood quality savings make things way tougher to get a smooth sanded flow of hull shape.
You tube has ideas and tests, good ones.  I just looked in my shop and the top result is my current stock of 3 tubes (for accurate "beads" ) of  reliable Loktite PL Premium, the 3X stronger type.  It goes on well, wipes ( 2 in. metal spatula ) out of seams to flush off, sands after curing and flexes about like the base strips to hold.  Tu
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