Re: Waterway access Permit


The article in our local fishwrapper said the waterway access permits were gonna cost $15 a year, but that there maybe an added "administrative charge". <sigh> The extra money beyond the old invasive species permit charge goes to the marine Board, as does the outrageous new fee for our motorboat and sailboat stickers. <sigh>

The shellfish permit is now $10. At least my old fogey fishing license was only $6. But they used to be free! <harrumph>

On 1/6/2020 1:36 PM, Dirt wrote:
Was just online at ODFW buying all my fishing, hunting tags and licenses for the new year. Also the new Waterway access permit that is required for non-registered boats 10 foot and longer and sailboats under 12 feet. This was the invasive species permit.
The one year fee is $19, the two year fee shaves off a few bucks and comes in at $32.
Don’t forget to get one if you need one.
Need to go sell a kidney so I can pay for all their paper work.
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