Re: Beaver Creek Messabout Next Saturday, the 11th

Case Turner

That’s a good call. There have been times when that chunk of HWY has flooded and been closed when the conditions alphabets been as forecasted. 


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On Jan 10, 2020, at 9:36 AM, Bob Larkin <bob@...> wrote:

I was just talking to Jim Reim over at Waldport and Beaver Creek may not be a smart thing.   A combination of high tide and 25 ft swells can bring water into the creek which along with storm winds could make things somewhere between uncomfortable and unsafe.  So neither Jim nor I are going to be there.  As he said, this should bring really nice weather!!

Dan A. was going to come with me, and that won't work.  So, Jim, Dan A. and I will NOT be there. 

When shall we have a winter alternative?  Beaver Creek is still a good place for the winter outings.  Thoughts?

Bob L

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