Note to Jim Reim -- Back to You


Yep, !!!  It is yours, as we discussed last night.  The marine ply is also yours, I found a gallon of basic epoxy that you will have to test, as it's been under the bench.  Probably some more stuff around here as well, so a pickup would work best, a roof rack is net in thoughts.  Some paddles might be handy, so we can go over stuff from other projects that might apply.  I am happy to see it can be used by a fellow coot,, so so let's get  it done before the show season.  This is almost perfect for Beaver Creek, and the smaller waterways in your area, so give me a buzz and we can get it done.  I didn't see my coot members list yet, so here goes.

Glad to find some stuff a better home,  ---   Cal


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