Glue, caulk, Strip Planking on small craft, Some Observations


First off, I did an 8 ft round bottom dink with old growth cedar cut to just over 5/ 16 ( to allow for some error ) pretty cost effective for a dink.  Used a couple dry 2 X 8 clear cedar boards picked from Jerrys, for grain that laid flat to bend correctly cause I could se it easy.,   NEW saw blade, cur all with a mask to avoid cedar dust, nasty stuff.  I ended up with enough to get me well under way,  Then used a small ball and router table to "C" out one side, sand the other to fit that radius, so the edges overlapped and rotated slightly as laid up over a couple bow, and stern frames L left as was, removed one center frame former.   The bead and cove made alignment almost automatic, and was a pretty stiff hull.

I glassed both sides, but it added unnecessary weight, outside is enough, in my experience,,  Maybe a floorboard inner pad for steeping aboard, or not.  I used elmers waterproof for everything except  glassed areas, I epoxied those.  Again I would use lighter than 3 oz. glass and less of it, the hull was really stronger than needed.  I just yesterday looked on u-Tube, found my favorite product tester, doing wood glues in strength testing.  To cap it offf, he liked PL adhesives, the same brand I prefer, and would use.  The newest PL 8X tested best, in everything.  Liquid nails -- Fuse it  works well as does 3m 5200 ( an old favorite but messy )  Dynagrip is waterproof, but on a dink it's not needed unless abused for a few years, I've done that too !!! 

In fact, I have a folding 11 ft. small boat, that FOLDS to 5 1/2 feet for deck storage, carries my 230 lbs, and has a built in electric motor.  Motor is removable as is the battery, so it might be an idea, as it rows or powers equally well.  Needs a repaint but fairly light, flat bottomed for landing.  Been in the barn for a while, but the marine ply and real epoxy are good, better yet the price is FREE, don't need it any more so some coot could save it from the dumpster, motor goes with it by the way.  Add a paddle or oars and head out, so call and pick it up if you want it, my truck is gone, so don't need the boat around.  Phone is in the cooot members list, or post here.

Latef,  Cal


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