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That's interesting. When I read the article about Guzzwell's build in WoodenBoat long ago, I picked up (erroneously) that the glue he used was a "modified" PVA, not a "catalyzed" PVA, perhaps because I'd never heard of such a thing. <g> A quick check of the Interweb revealed that Borden has made more than one glue called "Wonderbond", or "Wonder Bond"; Wonderbond XB90K5 seems to be the one Guzzwell used, but I haven't found out much about it yet.

Was building the Petey Dink CM what made you want to build a skin on frame Katydidn't?

John Guzzwell certainly has had an interesting life!

On 1/2/2020 5:50 AM, Randy T wrote:
John Guzzwell, in the class and his other boat builds, used Wonderbond, a catalyzed PVA which is boil proof. We would use a spritzer bottle to add the catalyst to get the right ratio.  John talked about building his wife's boat and having a crew put the fiberglass on.  The dingy we build in the class was the Atkins Petey Dink CM, which based on Katydidn't. Somewhere I have a cut off from the hull that has the three layers of Khaya Mahogany, effectively we made plywood.
On of the stories John told was when he was interned in Germany during WWII, he and other children convinced a German sergeant to let them go outside the castle to play.  The sergeant was not seen again, most likely was transferred to the Russian front.
John <@Jkohnen>
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