2020 Salish 100 Charts

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2020 Salish 100 participants - Greetings for the new year.


This is the first missive for 2020 from your organizing committee. In your application form, we indicated there would be downloadable PDF files of applicable charts forthcoming, Here they are (attached). As stated in an earlier discussion on the Salish 100 Facebook page, there are several good commercial products available applicable for small boaters.


We are providing a free option of 3 NOAA BookletCharts covering the event area:  


NOAA BookletChart 18440 - Puget Sound

NOAA BookletChart 18448 - Puget Sound, Southern Part

NOAA BookletChart 18441 - Puget Sound, Northern Part


You can go to https://nauticalcharts.noaa.gov for a complete listing of BookletCharts and all other format options. What we are providing is one option that may be appropriate for most small boaters without a chart table and perhaps an open cockpit.


You can print these out on your home printer or have them printed with a color laser on water-resistant stock. When you open the file you will see that they provide an actual NOAA chart sectioned into 8.5” x 11” panels.  Each file contains background pages as well. You will find that you only need to print these for one chart package. You may also find that you only need to print the panels that contain your specific route. They can also be printed back-to-back to reduce the number of pages required.


One caveat: Since each BookletChart is comprised of sections of a full chart, not every panel contains a compass rose for plotting. You will need a chart plotter that uses meridians and parallels to interpret that information.


Explore the options at NOAA and pick the solution that’s right for you. If all else fails, just follow the boat in front of you.





The organizing team



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