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Thanks, Randy! It looks like there are a bunch of good interviews there.

From listening to John Guzzwell and reading Trekka and some of his articles, I think he'd be a good and interesting person to meet.

When he built a cold-molded boat, and it's Atkin dinghy, for his wife he'd become sensitized to epoxy, so he used an industrial Elmers "modified" PVA glue that I think must have been about like Titebond II. After laying up the hull he hired a crew to sheath it with FG and epoxy. I've seen both boats at the Port Townsend fest years later and they were doing fine.

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I found a list of podcasts here:.

Several years ago I took John Guzzwell's cold molded boat building
class at the Center For Woodenboats, although I have yet to built a
cold molded boat I found John and the class very interesting.

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