2020 Messabouts -- and Delegation of Duties


The Coot Calendar is at the printer, so it's time to update the online schedule of NW events. I've made a bit of a start already:


You'll notice that there are TWO dates for the Library messabout. The Multnomah County Library has begun using a committeee to approve events. So all the personal connections and goodwill we've built up over the years might not mean much anymore. <sigh>

Delegation: Lon is hoping to be in Tennessee by the time we do the Library Messabout next time, so we need a new Library Messabout point person. Although the work can be done over the phone and by mail (forms! <sigh>) whoever takes this on should be a Multnomah County Library cardholder, to give them more credibility.

I haven't got that far yet putting the schedule up, but there are going to be three messabouts with locations TBA. They'll be the Season Opener at the end of March; the Fall Messabout, used to be Paulina Lake Messabout, Sept. 18-20; and the Coast Messabout, Oct. 2-4. The last two have been duds in recent years, and sorely need help.

Delegation: Everybody start scouting for locations for these three messabouts right now! I'm inclined to have the Season Opener at Triangle Lake, but are there any other ideas? The one day Season Opener should be someplace convenient to Coots in the Willamette Valley, and somewhere that has water that time of year. Locations for the other two events should be locations with camping or overnight boat moorage, preferably both.


John (@Jkohnen)
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