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Big congrats John.  Looks like a well chosen project, with a well chosen build crew.  Perfect weight for us senior coots, and easy to handle too.  A minn kota is a no brainer here, and a leaboard sail could be a good fit.  I'd use one like my sabot for a good starter size, if the sailing part got considered.

Later we might take your new one and Surprise for a lake photo cruise.  maybe I could get a couple photos for your file, like you did for mine.  Great to have a phone full to show, plus some better ones at places of interest.  I'd love to see us at Paulina ( BURRR!! ), Siuslaw, or a coastal lake later with trees going off this spring. Lemolo would be spectacular as a shallow lake trip, have you been there before? Presume so, but curious.

Anyhow, more praise for a well done new coot boat with great potential, good choice John. ------  Cal

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With the sou’wester, pic could be a Gloucester fisherman heading out to check the lines!  Great photo.


> On Dec 11, 2019, at 1:03 AM, John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote:
> The boat launch went off very well. We had a good crowd of both Coots and Retired Old Geezers, plus the press and a couple of Officials from the Port (Chuck and Bud). Andrew presided, and performed one of his best christening ceremonies yet! :o) Newly christened Whimsy hit the water and I took her for a spin. She rows like a dream! Tracks well (good for poor oarsmen like me <g>), pulls easily, and has a nice long glide. We don't know the weight, but I'm betting well under 40 pounds, and maybe even close to the design 31 lb. (IIRC). I'm sure I'm gonna get a lot of good use out of her. :o)
> The pizza afterwards was good too. :o)
> Thanks to the ROGs for building me a Good Boat, and thanks to everyone who showed up for the fun toady.
> I should given my camera to someone better than Bud. <g> But he got one sorta decent shot of me during Whimsy's maiden row. More photos to follow soon...
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Thanks, I will reply to all mail as possible ---  Cal

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