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Devil's Elbow! That was a favorite place for us to go when I was a kid, and still a very nice park. I shoulda recognized it. But you did hige the lighthouse. <g>

Did you take the Three Capes Scenic Route from Pacific City? The view coming down off Cape Lookout to Netarts Bay is terrific! Oceanside is an interesting little seaside village. We used to do a Motorcycle run over there from Dallas. The Anchor tavern was a good spot, but it got turned into a f***ing fern bar. <sigh> The last time I was over that way the road around Cape Meares was closed; they gave up on trying to keep it from sliding off the side of the Cape. I don't remember whether that was north or south of the Cape...

If you get a small enough sailboat you don't need much to tow it. I use a 4-cylinder pickup for my boats, but since I got the "new" lighter trailer for my Footloose skiff, Pickle, I'll bet I could tow her with my Prius. Charley is towing his aluminum skiff with his Prius.

On 12/7/2019 7:44 PM, Josh M wrote:
That picture is from Haceta Head.
Today we went up to Newport and followed the coast to Cape Mears, got a couple okay pictures but no good ones. I put the pictures I took today up on Instagram, if you look up roseandthistlecustom they should show up.
It's cool you are close here, we're buying a house over on Baxter, just 3 or 4 blocks away. Don't know how long it's been Louis St., think it's more than 17 years though. There's a S Louis Ln off Gimple Hill.
No, we don't have a boat yet, three favorites are Welsford Pathfinder, Vivier Ilur and Oughtred's Calidonia yawl or Penny Fee. Also have a soft spot for Oughtred's Elfyn. Probably start by just buying a small fiberglass sailboat to get on the water but before even that we'll need a vehicle that can tow.
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