Re: Coot Calendars -- Order Now!


That picture is from Haceta Head.
Today we went up to Newport and followed the coast to Cape Mears, got a couple okay pictures but no good ones. I put the pictures I took today up on Instagram, if you look up roseandthistlecustom they should show up. 
It's cool you are close here, we're buying a house over on Baxter, just 3 or 4 blocks away. Don't know how long it's been Louis St., think it's more than 17 years though. There's a S Louis Ln off Gimple Hill.
No, we don't have a boat yet, three favorites are Welsford Pathfinder, Vivier Ilur and Oughtred's Calidonia yawl or Penny Fee. Also have a soft spot for Oughtred's Elfyn. Probably start by just buying a small fiberglass sailboat to get on the water but before even that we'll need a vehicle that can tow.

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