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Case Turner

So you invited Graybeal to do the initial stability test of your new boat? If shot perfectly that could almost make a whole calendar!


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On Dec 6, 2019, at 1:27 PM, John Kohnen <@Jkohnen> wrote:

The Coot Calendars are going the printer next week -- I may hold off until after the boat launching Tuesday, in case I get a good picture there <g> -- so you'd better get your order in soon! They'll be $15 apiece, postpaid, again this year.

Here's who's ordered so far. If I missed you order, or made a mistake in it, let me know:

Andrew Vandervelde 1
Bob Larkin 2
Cal Drake 1
Case Turner 1
Chet J. Gardner 2
Chuck Leinweber 1
Claire Acord 1
Dan Arbogast 1
Dan Mulholland 2
Dan Pence 1
Dan Rogers 1
Danny Gr├╝nbaum 1
Dave Becker 1
Dave Kruger 2
Dave Thompson 2
David Birch 1
David Clemmer 1
David Graybeal 2
David Luckhardt 1
Dennis Banta 1
Dennis McFadden 1
Dennis Olson 1
Dick Mitsch 1
Earl Boissonou 1
Elaine Ginader 2
Elizabeth Haynsworth 1
Frank Mabrey 1
Jack Brown 1
Jim Cooper 3
Jim Reim 1
Jim Young 1
Joe Novello 1
John Carlson 1
John Purdy 1
Josh Colvin 1
Lisa Fortuna 1
Lon Wells 1
Mark Neuhaus 1
Marvin Wyckoff 1
Paul Bartlett 1
Pete Leenhouts 1
Quinn Wells 1
Ralph Mohr 1
Rich Aaring 1
Richard Green 1
Sam Johnson C/O CRMM 1
Scott Coleman 2
Scott Marckx 1


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