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Case Turner

For those that hold Merchant Mariners licenses you are required to take a MROP (Marine Radio Operators Permit) certification class. When I took mine many eons ago you had to go the Federal Building in PDX to take the test. 

Now there are online courses and exams. Pretty spendy for Coots budgets, but there may be a way to get a group course or find an instructor willing to do a group class. Not sure if or who handles this anymore in Oregon. 


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John K and all -

I believe that Bo Neil in Portland (aka "the voice of the Salish 100) is working on a short "How to use your Marine VHF radio" class for the 2020 Salish 100 folks, and might be persuaded to either teach part of your class or attend it for ideas for his own.  His class will probably focus on use, probably assuming that everyone already has their marine radio, so if you folks can work up material on desired features, it might be a very nice addition.


The Nav program element might be pretty complex and device-specific, or could be easy with everyone saying, "Navionics!" -- ;-)


I'll put my $0.02 in on desired small-boat handheld marine radio features:

1.  Ability to charge via USB, not the usual model-specific 110 charger <-- this was a huge issue on the 2019 Salish 100, for most of the smaller boats had USB battery packs/chargers but not either larger house batteries and inverters or the expensive 30a/125v -> standard plug dock/shore power adapter, assuming they remembered to bring their 110 charger/cradle AND power cord. 

2.  Decent range / power - at least the ability to select up to 6w broadcast power.

3.  Standard audio-plug or USB earbud/headset/mic, not the usual model-specific custom hardware.  If not wearing the radio while sailing or if running an outboard, it can be very hard to hear or make calls on handheld marine radios.


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